Posted on: December 21, 2008 6:30 pm

Red Sox 2009

I have some mild - serious concerns with my beloved Sox this off season and am not sure what will be done to appease my mind. My area's of concern are catcher and starting rotation in that order. It currently is not clear what if anything is happening at the minute with either.

To start with the issue of catcher:

Is Tek going to re-sign? I hope not we need to get younger in that area and trading for a guy from Texas or Montero comes at a reasonably high cost. Teagarden will cost at least Bucholz, Masterson or Bowden. Salty is 2 of that group.

Montero of the Diamondbacks is Bowden and with that deal probably Eric Byrnes for Lugo also. Of the deals I like the most is the Montero as we get rid of Lugo and get Byrnes even though he has a high salary. My problem is Montero is not rated very highly for his defensive skills so could be a problem.

If the Sox trade for Teagarden then he needs grooming on the defensive front, Salty to a lesser extent. Teagarden has more offensive upside though all in all I would be happy with Teagarden but then Tek needs to be signed for a year or 2 to help develop him behind the plate.

As for the rotation another player is needed. If one of the above trades happens then it limits inside options for either Bowden or Bucholz to fill the spot as one will likely be traded. I say sign Sheets 2 years 26 mill he would be good option if he stayed as healthy as last year only missing 3 starts and he played very well. This way one of Bowden or Bucholz can take over if he is injured and come in for Wake when he inevitably goes down same with Beckett.

Everyone goes on about sheet's health but over the last 2 years he pitched in 2 games less than Beckett but no one goes on about his health. They have both been in the Majors for 8 seasons and I think Sheet's has pitched more innings and games in that time, in his 2nd, 3rd and 4th years if I remember correctly he pitched around 650 innings or more so for a young guy he was over worked. This may have caused the injury issues over the next 2 or 3 years.

Anyway peace out feedback appreciated.

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